Monday, March 18, 2013

Because I Can't Get Something Out of My Head!

So this weekend was a complete BLAST!! Ok, minus the sick baby part. My adopted family, the Ivanovs came over for a visit and we went to Knott's Berry Farm! I surprised Celeste (let's be realistic....Caleb already knew) by driving up to Anaheim, telling her I needed to get something for Daddy. On the way there, Monster decided his tummy was going to have a party and threw up in the car. Nice. I had to pull over and clean him and my car up as best as I could using wet wipes!! At least I had an extra shirt for him to wear!! After that I gave him a plastic bag and told him to throw up in there if he needed to (which he actually DID about 30min later!).

So we get there and Aunt Nanny came up to our car to put a parking pass in the window. CC didn't recognize her at all and was wondering who the heck was putting something in our car! Haha!! She was so happy to see Baba and Diado a little while later (they had gone to get Monster some Pedialyte). We went out for some dinner, and Caleb sat in Baby Zoey's car seat.....he was sooo pretty. :)

That night, Caleb got sick and threw up at 3am. All over the bed. With me in it. True story. Can we say middle of the night shower?!?! I was very concerned about him going to the park the next day, but he seemed to have gotten over whatever it was, and he was halfway back to his normal super crazy active level the next day.

Caleb seemed to not want to hang out with the Peanuts gang. I love this pic because you can see them trying to coax him to them ("Come here, little boy!!") but he's NOT having it!!

The lady in the background is NOT amused. Haha!

We went home after a fun day, and the Ivanovs got to come to church with me the next morning! Well, they got to bring my kids to church, anyways....I was singing all morning. :)

And THAT was my super fun weekend!! 

Cheers and Tally Ho!

Saturday, March 9, 2013


HA! I fooled you ALL!! Here I am, writing ANOTHER post to keep you all updated. Even though theres not much to say. I got my wisdom tooth pulled out in January. That's cool, yes? Half my face was all swollen and I chased Greg around yelling "SHELLY MANJAW WANTS A KISS!!". It was frightening.

Three days after that, the man left again. Not a deployment this time, but in most ways, still just as difficult. Especially on the communication level. We got orders to move to Iwakuni Japan later this year, after Greg gets done with school. The best part?? We'll be accompanied by his BEST FRIEND EVER, Heath and the family!! :) I'm counting the days!

We got some butterflies sometime in February, and got to take some fun picture of that..

Also....i got a pretty good progression of pictures of my son having a fit. WHY WOULD I DO THAT you ask? Because as soon as he realizes I'm taking the pictures, he cheers up. And I also have proof of his monster-ness. haha...

...aaand that's my ham boy. :)

So it's my birthday today (weeeeeeee!). I did something super fun last night. I went out with my friend from church Sarah, we went out for sushi and a movie, and her daughter took my kids to church where she babysits. Can we say......AWESOMEST PRE BIRTHDAY NIGHT EVER?! HAHA!It was an awesome time, laughing the whole time, and very very much needed. As for today, I actually did something I am terrified of. I drove to an amusement park all by myself. Granted, it was just Legoland, which is less than 10miles down the freeway, but especially after the accident, I've only been staying in a tight radius around my house. I ventured OUTSIDE MY BUBBLE for the sake of my babies and a fun thing to do today. We didnt even go for Legoland, we went for the Sealife Aquarium. It was pretty awesome. Caleb was a little monstery, but I could tell he was having fun, and it wore him OUT!! Sorry most of the pictures are fairly blurry, I was using the no flash setting, which meant any movement was fuzzy, and it's hard to get fish to sit still, let alone a crazy 2yr old!! :)

So what did the rest of the day hold? A birthday party for a neighbor, nap time (desperately needed), Wreck it Ralph, and date skype with the hubs. The end!

Cheers and Tally ho!!